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Now offering one-on-one consults with parents to discuss your family's unique concerns.

Email to schedule an appointment. Mary Lou also offers seminars on Montessori Eldercare. Click HERE to schedule your family's or organization's seminar on how to apply Montessori principles to eldercare.


Meet Mary Lou Cobb



Mary Lou Cobb is the founder and principal consultant of Cobb Education Consulting, LLC. Mary Lou guides educators, caregivers, and professionals of any industry to develop and improve their programs. Her unique consulting services help anyone apply Montessori principles to their organization, including family systems.


Cobb Education Consulting, LLC helps clients build communities that work. They provide workshops for teachers, assistants, parents, caregivers, and corporate staff. Clients develop tools to reframe problems, broaden their perspectives, and see obstacles as opportunities. Most important, Cobb Education Consulting, LLC helps whole communities reach their fullest potential.


Learn more about what Cobb Education Consulting can do for your family or organization.

Mary Lou and her partner, Maureen C. Scudder, teach a Montessori Home Engagement Course. Want to learn more? Send your questions HERE.


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Watch this VIDEO where Mary Lou discusses Montessori for Inclusion. 


Schedule Mary Lou for a
virtual presentation HERE.

“Mary Lou's professionalism and her ability to deeply connect with the needs of those who seek her advice are impressive."

~Kathy Minardi

Whole School Leadership

Executive Director

“In awe, we salute you!”

~Tim Ellsworth

Ensign Bickford Industries, Inc.

Former Cobb School parent & trustee

Building communities that work Podcast


Building communities that work Blog

Listen to our podcast where we explain how to apply Montessori principles to any environment.

Read our blog where we address issues that affect modern home, school, and work lives.

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