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Build a community that works.




Cobb Education Consulting, LLC provides both whole school and individual classroom observations.


Observations are the foundation and mainstay of Montessori work. After 50 years of observing whole school communities, Mary Lou Cobb is an expert at seeing what others cannot. A disciplined observer with a keen eye for potential unrealized, Mary Lou discovers opportunities for growth and gently guides educators to make small changes to reap large rewards.


Cobb Education Consulting, LLC provides professional development workshops and parent education.

Mary Lou has been leading workshops and parent education series since she founded The Cobb School in 1974. Today, as a consultant, she continues to design and deliver individualized seminars that help educators and parents gain fresh insights on their critical role as guides. The prepared adult is the adult ready to embrace and enjoy the most important job on earth -- raising the next generation.



Administration Consult

Mary Lou assists schools with all needs in regards to school administration, including marketing, communication, enrollment management, institutional advancement, strategic planning, board governance, and more.



Preparing the Environment

The needs of the elderly and individuals with dementia require that we prepare an environment that fosters purposeful work, movement, independence, hands-on learning, choice, order, routine, and repetition. 


Our goal when implementing a Montessori & the Aging program is to first develop a deep understanding of each individual and create an individualized plan for each person. We seek to support our clients physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively, and “help them to help themselves” so that they can sustain independence for as long as possible and live fully with hope and joy.   


Staff Training

Cobb Education Consulting offers training seminars on Montessori & the Aging. Montessori is more than a method, it is a philosophy of the heart. And by opening our hearts to others, by holding fast to our deep belief in the dignity of all people at every stage in their lives, we bring hope and joy to caregivers, families, and most important, the elderly and those living with dementia. We train staff to see what we see, and we help build communities that work.


Montessori principles can and should be utilized in all kinds of organizations, including corporate environments. The Montessori Method and its fundamental tenets of choice, intrinsic motivation, self-correction, and team-building help corporations build communities that work. Seminars of how Montessori principles can be applied to your business will help you develop colleagues with drive, agency, creativity, respect, and compassion.


Mary Lou Cobb offers private, one-on-one consults to answer parents' most pressing questions. If you want guidance to overcome an obstacle specific to your child or family,  contact Mary Lou to set up a free 30-minute consultation. Mary Lou will then propose a plan that works for you!

Email Mary Lou at to set up your consult today.

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